10 Reasons Global Entry is Worth It
15 Reasons Global Entry is worth it
10 Reasons Global Entry is worth it


If you travel a lot, chances are you’ve heard about the Global Entry or TSA PreCheck programs. Most of you are likely familiar with the benefits of TSA PreCheck, but we’ve notices that Global Entry receives far less attention than we believe the program merits.

Without further ado, here are the 10 reasons that Global Entry is worth it:

  1. Global entry includes TSA PreCheck and is only $15 more.
  2. You’re probably like us, and you likely don’t fly first or business class. You know what is the worst? Getting off the plane in peasant class of a transatlantic flight where you were in the 5th to last row. 200 of your closest friends have already beaten you to the kiosks to get through customs. They’ve picked up their bags. And all 200 are already in line to clear the baggage pickup area.
  3. Aggressively rule following TSA liquid screeners. Unpacking your bag because you put your foundation in your makeup bag and not in your super sexy ziplock quart bag? A thing of the past my friend!
  4. How often have you gotten to the screening line and realized you’re not wearing socks on your feet because you put on slip on shoes? I know #amateurmove, but we occasionally forget! Say adiĆ³s to wondering if you’re accidentally going to get a disease from having to take off your shoes.
  5. Your credit card may reimburse you! Caitlin is actively playing the points game and has a card that will reimburse the TSA PreCheck or Global Entry fee once every four years (the program is good for five years at a time). Though many of these cards have hefty fees, there are a myriad of benefits. A shortlist of cards that will reimburse:
    • The Chase Sapphire Reserve card (a new player to the game, and a must have for anyone. More in a follow on post.)
    • American Express Platinum
    • Citi Prestige
    • Citi /AAdvantage Executive World Elite MasterCard
  6. You get a handy card that you can use at land borders when driving to Canada or Mexico from the US.
  7. Skipping the line at da club? Puh-lease. Travelers know no guilty pleasure quite like skipping the 1.5 hour TSA line. Take advantage of one of the Priority Pass memberships included in a couple of the above cards to spend the time you’ve saved sipping champagne in the lounge.
  8. Less known: it can save you time at various airports overseas. If you’re landing in certain airports in Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, US Territories, and a few others, there is often a dedicated Global Entry line. Feel like a diplomat or a first class VIP. …And hope no one will notice your backpack has a questionable stain on it nor find out that you’re headed straight to the cheapest airBnB you could find.
  9. That customs declaration in the photo? That’s for the amateurs who don’t have global entry. Never again worry about finding a pen to fill it out, or wondering where you lost it in the shuffle to get off the plane.
  10. Are you cutting it a bit close to catch your flight? I bet you’re not going to be complaining about the time it took to fill out that form.

All in all, we cannot recommend Global Entry enough. Breezing through TSA and returning to the US after a long flight without having to go through hours of shenanigans is worth the $20 yearly cost the program breaks down to.

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