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10 yearsWelcome to our inaugural post, we’re so excited to meet everyone along this journey! Travel has been a passion of ours for most of our lives, and in fact we just took a sort of 10-year throwback reunion to the two places that really inspired each of us to start traveling in earnest. More about that in a later post!

Let’s move on to introductions. Our names are Caitlyn and Caitlin, and we have a dizzying number of similarities. We grew up about 30 miles from each other (without ever running into each other!) and met in college when Caitlyn was a sophomore and Caitlin was a freshman. In addition to going to college together, we were in the same sorority, studied abroad together, moved across the country and became roommates after graduation, worked together for a couple of years, and have traveled together on more than a handful of trips (from skiing in Whistler to attending a carnival parade on the island of Crete).

While it may seem like we’re identical, we balance each other out in a way that makes this friendship work through 25-hour journeys involving Ryan Air and a minor incident at the Croatian boarder. Caitlyn brings the practical and Caitlin the whimsical, but never accuse Caitlyn of being a fun hater nor think that Caitlin lacks common sense. Through our travels across nine countries together, we’ve learned how to work together and channel these differences.

We clearly have a passion for traveling, but we also want everyone to realize how accessible travel really can be for the vast majority of Americans. Through this blog we hope to highlight our trips, friend’s journeys that we’ve helped arrange, and general travel tips and tricks. We believe there’s a happy medium between the crusty backpacker stereotype and the first class travels of the wealthy. Our goal is to bring this happy medium to you!

We’re looking forward to sharing the next chapter of our travel journey – welcome to Cait to Gate!

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